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Tarot Card Meanings:  The Four Knights

“A horse is a horse,” says Mister Ed, “of course,” but when it comes to the Knights they each speak to us with different energies.  As usual I lined them up from the mundane to the sublime, Earth-Water-Air-Fire, Pentacles-Cups-Swords-Wands, Physical-Emotional-Intellectual-Spiritual.  And as usual, Pamela’s landscapes seem to flow in some way from one to the next, though the terrains are very different, in keeping with the suit elements.

Tarot Card Meanings:  The Knight’s Horses

The horses themselves are the most remarkable features, naturally.  Here we definitely get the sense that the Knights are about movement, or lack thereof.  Knight of Pentacles sits perfectly still as he contemplates his newly plowed fields of earth ready for growth.  Knight of Cups’ horse has one foot raised tenderly in preparation for movement along the water path of life.  Knight of Swords and his steed plunge smartly through the air with little caution or control.  Having finally learned wisdom, Knight of Wands controls the power and passion of his fiery mount.

Tarot Card Meanings:  The Knights And The Elements

Traveling through the four elements we pick up the tools of our trade as human beings, through the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development we need to grow and move forward.  As the Knights go, so we go, at different times and in different ways.

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize the vehicle of our education, the mechanism by which we learn.  Sometimes the universe teaches us easy lessons that we hardly notice and we take in standing still, sometimes we learn in our hearts not our heads, sometimes we rocket through with alarming speed, sometimes we burn with our own strength and substance.

Tarot Card Meanings:  Mounted Knights

One thing we can be sure of, at all times we are mounted and ready to move if not moving already.  There is never a moment when we are not developing in one way or another or many.  Thus for each suit we have a horse of a different color, speaking with a different energy, each a valuable courser.  Of course.

Blessed Be –


Photo from Mister Ed TV Series (1958 – 1966)
The cards are from the Waite Smith deck
Elements image derived from a photo by Joffi
Notecard print is “Four Horses Of The Apocalypse” by artist Olga Kaczmar