The LilyStone Quarry

Illustrator:     Martinie, Louis
Creator:    Martinie, Louis and Sallie Glassman
Publication Date:     1992
Publisher:     Destiny Books, Rochester, VT, U.S.
Category: American / Other American
# Cards:     79
Edition Info:    Set


Court = Hounsis, La Place, Mambo, Houngan
EXCEPT Courts in suit of Santeria = Yaguo(Female initiate), Oriate(Priest), Santera(Female adept), Santero(Male initiate)
Suits = Santeria(Earth,growing plant), Congo(Water), Rada(Air,clouds), Petro(Fire,flame)
Majors renamed, many images correspond to traditional but not all
Additional wild card = Les Barons
Minors illustrated