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In my 17th year of disability, I faced my 60th birthday and worried ‘what will I do to survive?’  As I cast about for support adapted to my physical situation, I turned to the marriage of telephone and computer for self-rescue.

My first attempt at business was with a company aimed at setting up an online retail establishment, which of course was a complete failure and, in part, sent me into bankruptcy.  My second and third attempts took some several thousands of dollars and nine months of my life, but birthed nothing that lived.  However, my coach was unbelievably generous, so I learned a great deal and I consider the price fair.

Then I called my friend Fred.  He has worked Multi-Level Marketing for 30 years, and is a well-known, wealthy success.  We’ve been friends for more than 37 years,  since before all that.  I came upon him just as he received his Rollex watch award for the year’s work, meaning his second million dollars.  In no time he signed me right up,  and he has been positively motherly in seeing to my education in the ways of his business, which entail no selling I was glad to discover.  He’s good at it, I have to admit.  And what a cool position to start off in, with the Man as my guide.

So now I have work where I talk to people.  That’s pretty much the sum and substance.  I don’t have to persuade anybody of anything, or overcome any objections.  If someone isn’t into it I say thanks anyway and we move on.  Mostly, I talk to people to find out who they are and if they are suited to what we do, if they would be happy doing it too.  And I get paid money for this kind of activity.

What a gas.

Lily Stone

So, do you have a willingness to work, a willingness to learn or be coachable, and a burning desire to succeed?

Maybe you’re the one I’m looking for.  It might even be fun.

If this sounds like it may be for you, perhaps I may be for you, too.  Come on over and learn something about me here.  Or contact me by filling out the form below and I will get right back to you.

Lily Stone 




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