Noir (Hackiere)

Illustrator:     Hackiere, Matthew
Creator:    Hackiere, Matthew
Publication Date:     2013
Publisher:     Editions Vega, Lille, France
Category: RESERVED / Reserved
# Cards:     78
Edition Info:


Suits = Deniers, Coupe, Epee, Baton
Court = Valet, Cavalier, Reyne, Roy
Minors = pips + decoration


2 Responses to Noir (Hackiere)

  1. Rosemary Linn says:

    Hello- Please would you tell me if I can purchase Le Tarot Noir from you ? I prefer a new, unused set. If so, what would be the cost ? If you do not have it available, please would you know where I can buy it. Do you ship parcels to Canada ? Thank you.
    Yours truly, Rosemary Linn

    • klilys says:

      I’m sorry, this item is not for sale. I know they can be had on Amazon for outrageous prices, and appear periodically on eBay for more reasonable prices.

      On the other hand, I do ship to Canada!

      Thank you so much for asking –


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