My Friend George Aday

August 29, 1943 – February 26, 2015

George 8605a george jeff

1986  George and his little cigar, working with Jeff Wray on 720 Superior Ave, Dayton OH


George 8808a george cassidy

1988  Cassidy Platt, and George advocating his favorite singer


George 8908b balloon

1989  At the infamous Balloon Party


George 8908b 1 rollingr-1

1989  Extolling his favorite beer


George 9009c hands

1990  George liked work.  Work got his hands dirty.  George liked to get his hands dirty.


George 9012a mooses

1990  George making the Christmooses


George 9012d stair mooses_edited-1

1990  The Christmoose Herd, on the stairs at 720 Superior


George 9104e demo roof

1991  George getting really dirty doing rehab on houses.  I told you he liked it.


George 9112d demo door

1991  Our light in the darkness of old house rehab


George 9110a superman

1991  George in his work clothes

All photos by K Lily Stone… also known as Kimothy


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