The LilyStone Quarry

Illustrator:     Montieri, Luigi
Creator:  Mintieri, Luigi
Publication Date:     2020
Publisher:  Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy
Category: European / Antique Italian
# Cards:    62

Edition Info:Deck: #2278 of Lt Ed of 2999, Anima Antiqua Series

Bolognese style
First published in Bologna, 1725 the game “Tarocchino” removes pip cards 2-5, leaving a 62-card deck for faster play
The original of this deck replaced Triumph cards 2-5 with four Popes, and then laid out the geopolitcal stucture of the known world, causing an uproar that could only be resolved by banning and burning as many cards as could be found
The four Popes were then replaced with four non-political “Moors” who became traditional thereafter in the Bolognese tarocchino
Reproduction deck