1. ABOUT MY INFORMATION: I can’t read Japanese! Or Russian! Or Italian, or French, or anything but English for that matter. (I’m so unworldly.) I do my best research, but in some cases have had to rely on what I’ve been told or I could scavenge, so you’ll find holes in my data in this regard, and inaccuracies I have no doubt. Therefore I both welcome and solicit suggested additions and corrections, especially where language barriers prevent me from collecting adequate information. Thank you!

2. ABOUT PRICES: I do quite a bit of research about prices, using eBay, Worthpoint and the internet in general for historic comparisons where I can. If you have evidence about something in particular showing a lower price, please do bring it to my attention, I am always willing to listen.

3. ABOUT USING THE SITE:  Try selecting “ALL ITEMS IN THE STORE” then being patient while it loads the first time. After that, play with categories, price ranges, tags, but *Reset* before using the product search (lower search box near the product list, not site search box in upper right) or it will search within your filter-restriction only!

4. ABOUT SEARCHING: Remember anything which is a Tag can be searched, such as B&W, RWS, Animals, Cats, etc. Also remember to Reset your filters to search within “ALL ITEMS IN THE STORE” instead of within your filtered set

5. ABOUT KITTEE AND ELLE: Yes, my little dogs are Chinese Cresteds. They weigh six pounds each, and wear clothes to keep warm because they have no fur, only very silly looking hairy heads, feet and tails. They sleep under the covers in the bed with me all day and all night, when they aren’t misbehaving or being downright ridiculous.

6. ABOUT MY THEME AND THE SITE: I use Enfold, designed with components by London artist Karen Ay, and her original logo modified by me. This is on the WordPress platform. I captured and corralled all the tarot graphics and information myself.

7. ABOUT TWITTER, RSS FEEDS, SUBSCRIPTIONS AND SO FORTH: Sorry, don’t do it. Maybe someday, I’ll let you know.

8. ABOUT MY COLLECTION: In 1976 my friend Karen Ay gave me my first deck, the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini. I now have 945 different titles, about 1550 total decks and sets. Yes, I have been reading tarot ever since I took my first class in 1976, but only once for money and I felt awful about it and never did it again. I own and have studied many tarot books, but my favorite author is Rachel Pollack, hands down. 78 Degrees of Wisdom. Read it.


9. ABOUT WRITING: Middle of the night, using only my right hand on the keyboard, because I’m handicapped and lying in bed on my left. That’s about all I can say about writing. I know not from whence it comes, it just does. Or doesn’t.

10. WHY? For the art of it.