At Work In The New Economy – Update 10/20/14

Do you have a willingness to work, a willingness to learn or be coachable, and a burning desire to succeed?

Just asking.

It’s been a year since I wrote the first installment of “At Work In The New Economy,” and many people have asked what is happened since October 2013 when I first commenced an effort to build a business after 17 years of disability. I faced a number of additional challenges in the last year, starting with the reoccurrence of a chronic illness which changed my priorities for quite some time.

I focused on my health instead of business, regularly consuming my Zija moringa products and dieting carefully, resulting in a weight loss of 55 pounds.  I finished four quilts, did a little craft painting, and began a $200,000 renovation project on the old homestead which is now nearly finished.  At the end of the year I find I have accomplished quite a bit, but my business has languished and now is in need of attention.

To that end, I am renovating the website to include information about working with me and Zija International, what it entails and what it would be like. I am looking for a few solid partners who are interested in starting their own network marketing businesses.  Experience in network marketing is not necessary, and for those who are unfamiliar I’ve written a short piece explaining  something about it, to be found here.  This does require some financial investment, though not a great deal.

Just who would be a good business partner for me?  It could be someone in a position somewhat like mine, housebound for some reason, unemployed or perhaps retired, looking for a new method for self-support.  It could also be somebody nothing like me, who is employed in a traditional “job,” working for somebody else for a salary, looking to supplement their income or begin to produce a residual income for the future.  It could be just about anybody in any position who is willing to work, willing to learn and be coached, who has a burning desire to succeed and a small amount of money to invest in starting their own business and beginning a life of independence and wealth.

Why would you work with me? I am an ex-probation officer, artist, lawyer and overall cool person who spent many years working in a big corporation, developing skills working with people and in business.  I also have the great advantage of partnering with Fred Holmes, Triple Diamond Executive with Zija International,  a network marketer with 35 years of experience leading people to amassing wealth.  Between the two of us and our amazing company, Zija International, any new partner would be afforded a tremendous business opportunity.

So, do you have a willingness to work, a willingness to learn or be coachable, and a burning desire to succeed?

Maybe you’re the one I’m looking for.  It might even be fun.

Lily Stone 10/20/14

If this sounds like it may be for you, perhaps I may be for you, too.  Come on over and learn something about me here.  Or contact me by filling out the form below and I will get right back to you.

Lily Stone 




Want to be one of us too?

To work with me, and Fred too, or to buy Zija products, drop me a note at, or fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you with further information:

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